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A boot loop is to an Android phone – like a Samsung phone – what cancer is to a human. A boot FIX: Samsung Phone Stuck in Boot Loop and Wont Turn On . Fix: Windows 10 Phone Is Stuck in a Reboot Loop · How To Fix.

Having used the phone nonstop for the past few days, I can confidently write that Samsung has actually improved on stock Android 4. Apart from these obvious changes, sticking to the 8MP camera makes everything seems quite normal. Enough good cannot be said of the 4. Despite having a Pentile Matrix, which many a blogger has moaned and lamented, colors have never beeen richer, and blacks have never been more bottomless.

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Comparing it to the displays of the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note, I can say that Samsung seems to have improved on those already fantastic displays this time round. The amazing, attention grabbing display, all the powerful specs, and the most mature, refined and robust version of Android yet work to create what is arguably the finest performance of any smartphone ever devised.

The 1. The result of having the Exynos is extreme fluidity and smoothness, a kind of fluidity that is unparalleled at this point in time. I cannot stress how fast this device is.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

Comparing the Galaxy Note side by side, it was obvious that the S3 completes tasks seconds before the Note even has the chance to react. The difference in performance is simply shocking. Web pages are only limited by your internet speed. Capturing photos is instant. Multitasking between apps occurs the moment you finger touches the screen.

I am still in awe, and picking up my Galaxy Note or nearby Galaxy Nexus suddenly becomes a dreadful, cumbersome activity. Firstly, there is the Burst Shot and Best Photo. Burst Shot lets you burst up to 20 consecutive shots at 6 frames per second.

Best Photo is a feature that automatically recommends the best photo to you from 8 consecutive shots at 6 frames per second. Zero shutter lag makes taking burst shots even better. There is also a HDR mode that you can shoot with, which was able to take some fantastic shots in high light environments and situations.

This provides videos that have substantially better depth of field, a feature previously unavailable to any smartphone. Here, the Galaxy S3 and the thought and effort that went into it, shines through bright and clear. In terms of benchmarks, the S3 was very impressive.

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In other areas, it sets a standard that seems — for now — almost impossible to beat. If benchmarks are any indication of how great a device is, then these figures will tell you that the S3 rocks — and rocks harder than even the HTC One — to become what is likely the most powerful smartphone in the world.

In terms of real world performance, it is better than the One X. On the software side, Samsung has taken Android to a whole other level of intuitive operation and usability. Their refinements are tucked into so softly to Android 4. It would seem that Samsung has finally listened to their fans, and minimized their overlay in such a way that it enhances the user experience.

Great job Samsung! Under the Motions setting, you can turn on Direct Call, which allows you to immediately call a person from their SMS message or from their contact profile. This makes using the Samsung Galaxy S3 a very natural experience.

Galaxy S III 16GB (Sprint)

Whenever you have any missed calls or messages, it vibrates when you pick up your phone. Despite the soft and soothing tones, the speaker placed behind the phone, next to the camera is sufficiently loud for day to day purposes. We really have to commend Samsung here, as this is exactly what people were looking for.

With WiFi Direct, you can transfer items like huge p videos that are hundreds of megabytes in size in minutes. However, the problem is this — S Beam is currently available only for the S3. This makes it a problem for non-S3 users. Through AllShare Play, you can also create a Group Cast — which also allows editing of files and the changes to be immediately applied across numerous devices. Although there are some who claim that S Voice, the voice recognition app in the S3, is nothing more than a repackaged Vlingo app, it is clear that the former has been much improved.

S Voice now offers advanced tasks such as changing phone settings, voice record and updating your social network status. During the launch of the S3, Samsung also demonstrated taking photos with S Voice. Either way — on par and better in lots of ways than the leading voice recognition apps for mobile devices in the world. Android 4. We will be really testing the full limits of what S Voice can do over the next several days, so stay tuned for a follow up on this aspect.

So far, so good! In a bid to make the Galaxy S3 more user friendly, Samsung came up with Smart Stay, a function that disables screen timeout when detecting a user viewing the display. From my observation of using the device extensively for the past 48 hours, I noticed that the S3 checks for eye contact at certain intervals, and proceeds to dim the display. Video lovers can also rejoice at the introduction of Pop Up Play, where your videosc can play in a floating window, above your other tasks like email, SMS, web browsing or whatever you like, really.

Have ADHD? In addition to all the magic the S3 is packing, Samsung decided to sweeten the deal even further by offering an unprecedented amount of cloud storage for device owners. But it's extras such as Pop-up Play and Smart Stay that shows that Samsung is trying to push innovation, not being content with only offering the same features found on competing Android devices.

As the leading manufacturer of Android devices, we expect nothing less. A number of added extras such as Pop-up Play and moving video icons; bigger battery; sleeker looks than S2; great 4. Still no metal used in design; app seeding on home-screens cumbersome; some functionality difficult to find. You are in: LG Optimus G Pro. Nokia Lumia To the point As could have been expected, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has flagship written all over it and is one of the top two devices currently available the HTC One X being the other.

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