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A boot loop is to an Android phone – like a Samsung phone – what cancer is to a human. A boot FIX: Samsung Phone Stuck in Boot Loop and Wont Turn On . Fix: Windows 10 Phone Is Stuck in a Reboot Loop · How To Fix.

Move back twice. Move forward, right twice, then forward. Move back six times; move left. Lift the cover I. Move back, up the stairs, left, then right twice. Pull the electric plug out T. Take a look inside the bath A. Put the parts in their correct places A1 A2 A3. Switch the lights as indicated on the image B. Set the slider to the third position C. Set the switches to the indicated positons S1 S2.

Move back five times, forward three times, then right. Press the button K. Touch the rope to attach it to the bucket O. Touch to lower the bucket O. Touch to raise the bucket back N. Move back four times. Move forward; move left. Pick up all the KEYS.

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Open the door V. Move forward twice. Chapter 3: Coming home Move forward, left, then forward twice. Look in the trunk to play the HOP F. Use the scissors to cut the bell off H1.


Touch the handcuffs to unlock them H2. Carve the pumpkin with the knife H3. Put the candle inside the carved pumpkin H3. Replace the tip on the trumpet H4. Light the gas lamp with the matches H5.

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Move back, left, then forward. Touch the barrels to move them J.

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Open the door; move right. Touch the oven to open it L. Touch the cupboard doors to open them M. Move right; move left twice. Touch the junk pile on the floor. Open the cage Q. Touch the key to turn it T. Touch the handle to open the door U. Look in the closet to play the HOP V. Put the flowers in the vase H1. Use the lipstick to write the answer to the equation H2.

Use the xylophone to play the music note H3. Take a closer look at the shelves X. Select matching pairs until only one bottle is left; take the OIL X. Move back; move right. Touch the chain to remove it H. Touch the cupboard doors to open them I. Touch the cupboard doors to open them J. Touch a color and then an area on the painting to color it. Color the painting by following the example. Touch the frame pieces to re-assemble them.

Assemble the mosaic to open the chest. Move back three times; move right. Touch the cover to take it off R. Move right; move left. Chapter 4: Touch the lid to remove it U. Touch the valve to open the water B. Touch the mailbox to open it D. Move back, left, forward, then right. Move forward twice; move right. Move back three times, right twice, left, forward, then right. Zoom into the music box on the table N. Repeat the sequence in which the knights stand up by touching them in the same order.

The final knights poses will be written down in the Diary. Move back five times, forward twice, then right. Swap the paintings by touching one and then another to achieve the shown order. Look in the suitcase to play the HOP R. Paint the airplane H1. Use the knife to open the can H2. Move back six times. Move forward, right twice, left, forward twice, then right. Touch the tap to turn on the water U. Move back three times; move up the stairs. Chapter 5: Place the railroad tracks to complete the track as shown. Touch the tape to tear it off C.

Touch the cover to take it off C. Move back six times, forward twice, then right. Touch the button to turn the machine on B. Look in the trunk to play the HOP J. Move forward, left, forward, right twice, left, then forward twice. Look in the closet to play the HOP N. Move back twice, up the stairs, right, then left. Touch the doll to remove it from the train R.

Touch the doll to lift her dress S. Touch the photo to see it S. Touch the painting to reveal the safe E. Move back five times. Move right, left, then forward. Touch the door to close it Q. Move back, up the stairs, right then forward. Take a closer look at the object on the bed A.

Eliminate pairs of cards by touching them C. The solution is random. Touch the carnival ticket to add it to the journal. Play HOP. Move equipment; read note C. Select 2x J. Select K. Select L when doll has knife as shown. Select M when doll has knife as shown. Select N when doll has knife as shown.

When the knife gets stuck; select O. Select P. Select Q. Chapter 2: Hospital Ward Select and touch A. Click rapidly to fill bar C. Read magazine; select chair D. Use I-J - I-K. Select Play HOP; go forward O. Read records A. Select 5 cell types C. Restore photos H ; read note. Play HOP I.

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Solution J. Select L. Select T. Final position O. Solutions K-L-M. Chapter 3: Go to Study. Go left. Select pairs N. Select D. Use Q-R. Chapter 4: Part 2 solution W. Take REEL. Use F-G - C-G. Use D-E-G. Play HOP H.

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Enter window. If match expires; select another.

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  8. Restore items A-D. The Room for iPad is a fascinating game. And the soundtrack and sound effects set a mood not quite of fear, but something entertainingly off-putting about the experience: Why is this safe so intricately locked up? What the heck is it protecting? The fun is the journey: There are in-game hints—awkwardly written, in my view—that are exceedingly helpful in wending your way through The Room. That element adds a nice dimension to the gameplay, though I did find that it somehow took me out of the game a little bit, just because it feels a bit faker than the rest of the game somehow.

    Where The Room excels is in layering its puzzles upon further puzzles. When you find a key, you might also need to rotate pieces of that key to make it fit in the keyhole you discover. As you place cogs into a gear system, you might need to reposition some to get further along.