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Initially the team announced the release of a developer version, but later removed the download link. Either way this is great news for jailbreakers, but the developer version does not install Cydia or other common services. Instead, this is a pure jailbreak that will enable developers to update their tweaks prior to Cydia being available for iOS 8.

Great news, right?

How To Jailbreak Your iOS 8 iPhone Or iPad

So, windknown has contacted me, about a half hour ago, via e-mail. He has told me one of the issues that is keeping Substrate from working on the device, which will probably require me to build a little binary patch for dyld as part of the Substrate installation sequence. I currently have no clue why Cydia itself is not functioning, but will find out later today when I can see it myself. Plenty of fresh devices to modify.

Update 1: Current Pangu Jailbreak v1.

Please wait …. Since english version of tool is not available now. There is no Cydia since it's not compatible with iOS8 yet.

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But we already contacted saurik and we will bundle Cydia after it's updated. The process will take a few minutes and your device will reboot a couple of times.

PanGu : JAILBREAK iOS 8 sur Windows

When it's done, you'll need to go through the setup steps again on your iOS device, and once you're on the home screen, verify jailbreak by locating the Pangu app. If you see it, you're jailbroken.

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on iOS 8 - iOS using Pangu

Cydia should be installed by default, but on older versions of the Pangu software, you had to do it separately, and we'll cover that now. If you have Cydia already, you can skip the section below—you're done. As of Pangu 1. If you used an older version for some reason, this is how you'd get Cydia on your freshly jailbroken iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Prep by downloading the two Cydia files you'll need and placing them in an easy-to-access directory.

You'll also need an SFTP client. Install the app once downloaded. From here, simply jot down the IP address. Let the app do its thing, then hit "OK" when you see the "Done! Open the SFTP app you installed and input the following for each section in the form, then hit the button to "Login" or "Connect," depending on your program.

How to Jailbreak Your iPad (Plus 8 Things to Do With It)

Once the connection is made, you'll be taken to a file explorer with your computer on the right and the root of your iOS 8 device directory on the left. Now that the files are on your iOS 8 device, you're pretty much done. In the terminal window that comes up, you'll want to paste in the following two commands, one after the other. Simply paste them in the "Enter command" field, then hit "Execute"—the command window will show errors; ignore them. Again, run each command individually—paste the first one in, wait for it to run less than 5 seconds , then paste the second one in.

When your device is back up, you'll now have the Cydia app on your home screen. Open it up and let it prepare the file system this can take a little while.

Jailbreaking Basics

So, you're jailbroken and you have Cydia, but as of this time, there isn't a whole lot you can do with it. But, you will be ready to roll when devs update their jailbreak apps to work with iOS 8 versions.

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  4. How'd the process go for you? If you have an comments, concerns, or questions, drop us a line below or over on our Facebook or Twitter feed. Don't forget to change your password if you use open ssh to install cydia because now anybody in the same network can send shell command to do that download putty for windows and follow the instructions in cydia.

    Video tutorial

    It tooks 2 minutes to change the password! If someone need help reply here i'll explain in details how to change the password! For Windows: Open putty. And type your new password twice. Please note that your keypresses will not be displayed on the terminal screen for security. One more step it's to change the mobile password, this is the regular user account on the device.

    Run the command:. Don't Miss: How to Jailbreak iOS 8. How to Change the password! First Download Putty: It should ask a login: Run the command: Done you can close putty thanks to the command exit!