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A boot loop is to an Android phone – like a Samsung phone – what cancer is to a human. A boot FIX: Samsung Phone Stuck in Boot Loop and Wont Turn On . Fix: Windows 10 Phone Is Stuck in a Reboot Loop · How To Fix.

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Starting your device for the first time. Charging your device. Learning the basics Using the touchscreen. Locking and unlocking the screen. Home screen. Application screen. Navigating applications. Small apps. Shortcuts and folders. Background and themes.

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Basic settings Accessing settings. Sound volume.

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SIM card protection. Screen settings. Screen lock. Unlocking your device automatically. Language settings. Date and time. Enhancing the sound output. Multiple user accounts. Typing text On-screen keyboard. Entering text using voice input. Editing text. There's also a mini-app for the remote, which, we have to admit, offered us the smoothest pairing method we've ever seen on an Android device with IR blaster. After choosing our product category and manufacturer yep, it's not Sony-exclusive , we were able to pair several TVs, a sound system and a Blu-ray player within minutes.

There's also the option to customize which control buttons show up within the app, and a "trackpad" option that lets you assign four specific controls like volume and channel buttons to swipes. Curiously, SideView, a Sony app that pairs a TV guide with remote control and voice search, wasn't pre-loaded on our European model. We went ahead and installed it for ourselves from Google Play, and it happily pulled down a program guide for terrestrial UK TV networks.

The app adds some extra show details from Gracenote, although without a Sony-based TV to link to, we weren't able to swipe our program choices from the tablet to the big screen as we hinted at in our preview. If you're looking to share your own video content, or the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, an MHL-compatible micro-USB port will let you beam your tablet's HD display to the big screen with minimum fuss. The Tablet S' sluggish behavior was one of the major issues we had with the folded-design tablet, a performance that was best described as erratic.

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Fortunately, the Tablet Z behaves like we hoped it would: The screen responds to our touch immediately, while apps launched briskly. If we had one niggle, it's that we experienced unwarranted resets twice during our time with the tablet, but these were both when we first received the Xperia Tablet Z -- it soon settled with use. Pitted against the Nexus 10 with a dual-core 1.

The AnTuTu test score, which surveys memory performance, SD card-writing speed and 3D performance among other things, is notably higher on the Xperia Tablet Z, while SunSpider results showed the Xperia tablet bested on browser performance by the similarly quad-core Note The Sony tablet, however, otherwise trounces its Android competition in the rest of our benchmark tests on a Qualcomm chipset we're more used to seeing in smartphones.

With a 6,mAh battery, the Z may match the Xperia Tablet S that came before, but this time it needs to power a far more pixel-dense display.

Fortunately, in our standard rundown test 50 percent brightness, WiFi on, video looping , we got a respectable eight hours and 40 minutes -- slightly better than Sony's last tablet 8: In more normal use, we found the tablet lasted through a day of moderate use, although we'd advise taking a charger with you if you're going to rely on it for a full day.

Daily charging was the norm. The Xperia Tablet Z comes boxed with a charging adapter that appears to be identical to a smartphone charger.

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But here it's supporting a device that both outputs more energy and boasts a higher-capacity battery, meaning you'll need to plug it in overnight to get a full charge. Sony's official Japanese press release pegs it at six hours and 30 minutes and our tests came to a similar figure. Worse, we found the micro-USB charging port to be a little temperamental.

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Attempting to charge the tablet from empty overnight, we woke up twice to a still completely discharged device, which is a concern. Sony's made its best tablet yet. It's a stylish relaunch of the company's Android tablet series, but we can't shake the feeling that the Xperia Tablet Z's benefits are harder to sell than, say, the crisp display resolution of the Nexus 10 or the app strength of the iPad.

Features like NFC and the infrared blaster ensure it lives up to its promise as a TV companion, while the screen is capable enough to share among friends or prop up for an impromptu TV-watching session. Once installed, Sony's SideView TV app and remote control mini-app offer up one of the easiest second-screen combinations we've ever used. However, while the unlikely combination of the Xperia Tablet Z's unassuming design and water protection is impressive, there simply aren't that many water hazards in the living room and coffee shops.

It's the kind of feature that a smartphone needs far more than a tablet. All that said, this remains a premium Android tablet with a lightweight, but solid build. It's just that it also has a premium price -- one we're not sure it can command. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

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