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Istanbul Aydın University

English Turkish. Faculty of Sciences and Arts. Faculty of Communication. Public Relations and Presentation.

Hiram College | Istanbul Aydin University

Radio, Television and Cinema. Television News and Programming. Faculty of Engineering. Faculty of Health Science. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. School of Foreign Languages.

A perfect place to learn: Istanbul Aydin University

Interpretation and Translation English. Interpretation and Translation Russian. Istanbul Aydin Universitesi Branch: Karakoy Commercial Center Account Number: Istanbul Aydin Universitesi Branch Office: Course attendeees will enter into "the placement test" after registration procedures have been completed. On the condition that there is a valid excuse shown by the course attendee, his or her requests for freezing registration in a suitable period are evaluated by the administration. most visited pages

Refund is not made in the situations raised by registration freezing. The written contract should be signed by the student for a kind of starting late situation.

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In this situation, the only course payment is refunded and the acceptence letter payment costed Dolar is not refunded. The refund of attendees whose applications for our courses have been made by means of agency is made to agency. It is mandatory that agencies which have requested the refund have to give students' information who requested the refund. Refund payment is made in time which is regarded as suitable by our University's Account Department. The refund is made in three months by the sending date of the acceptance letter.

International Scholarships at Istanbul Aydin University in Turkey 2018

The refund requests exceeding this duration are not met.. Each student has to invest application fee on behalf of his or her name by opening his or her own account. The refund payment can be only made to the name written on the receipt and it can not be made to an another account or name. Account Holder Name: