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Have a listen to the latest arrangement.

Over the Horizon - Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S6 remix of Over the Horizon has a rich sound, characterized by a harmonious blend of string and woodwind instruments. This is a big change from the previous version, which incorporated an upbeat rhythm highlighted by digital attributes. The deep, harmonious tune performed by the piece orchestra represents the elegant, dazzling design and upgraded performance of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung was aware of the importance of having a signature sound for its product in While images are easily recognized, they are just as easily forgotten. On the contrary, sounds are remembered for longer periods of time.

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  • Over the Horizon: The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Brand Sound;
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  • Over the Horizon: The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Brand Sound?

Therefore, the brand sound is as important as, if not more important than, the brand logo. As such, most global brands now have their own brand sounds.

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There are three attributes that brand sounds must possess. First, is the brand sound easily remembered at once? Second, does the brand sound fit the brand image? Third, can the brand sound be altered to reflect changing trends? Members of the design team created a variety of draft tunes.

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Then, they surveyed approximately employees of the Global Design Center. As a result, Over the Horizon , made up of six notes, elicited the most positive reaction. The introduction provides a friendly and well-balanced ambiance.

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  • Over the Horizon: The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Brand Sound – Samsung Global Newsroom.

The syncopation of the leap of the tune in the following notes conveys passion with a futuristic sound. The basic tune of Over the Horizon has not necessarily changed over the years, but rather has evolved as the Galaxy S has expanded from one model to the next. Over the Horizon is not only being used on mobile devices; additionally, it is being rearranged by a number of people around the world. If people search Over the Horizon on the web, they can find various audio tracks and videos of remixed versions of the song.

From K-Pop artists to international artists including Quincy Jones and Icona Pop, among other popular musicians, many have created their own versions of the track.

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Over The Horizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Theme Full HD

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Over the Horizon: The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Brand Sound – Samsung Global Newsroom

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