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A boot loop is to an Android phone – like a Samsung phone – what cancer is to a human. A boot FIX: Samsung Phone Stuck in Boot Loop and Wont Turn On . Fix: Windows 10 Phone Is Stuck in a Reboot Loop · How To Fix.

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Thread starter mohammedm Start date Mar 18, Current connection - Name, type and signal strength of current connection Time and data - Length of time connected and amount of data transferred Shortcuts - App for SMS text messages, plus links to other apps, websites etc. Account - Manage your Vodafone account Dependent on your mobile network operator and your account Help - Hints and tips on using the app Connect - Button to manually connect or disconnect Advanced - Further settings and options.

Download Release User Guide readme. Enterprise Features The Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps for Windows 7 include a range of features that, in particular, make them very useful in an enterprise environment, including: Custom APN support, including username and password credentials Virtual Private Network VPN integration Support for custom software installations, including settings such as preferred Wi-Fi networks and passwords Support for automated software roll-outs and updates Network prioritisation covering LAN, preferred Wi-Fi networks, unknown Wi-Fi networks, prepay mobile networks, postpay mobile networks and roaming mobile networks Per-month display of data volume transferred or time connected, including limits and warnings Pre-configured shortcuts to corporate apps or systems Diagnostics, logging and troubleshooting Links to corporate support or help desk.

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Built-in Mobile Broadband Data Cards. The list shows the supported Data Cards and the notebook computers in which they were sold. Visit Vodafone in your country. Country name: Joined Apr 5, Messages 9. HI all, I'm new to the 3G arena. I managed to get it installed and connecting fine at home and at the office. My problem is that I can only connect to Vodacom 2G and not 3G at home.

Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite [VMC-Lite] & Huawei E220

I tested it at the office, got the blue light and the speed was excellent. I've read numerous posts and have not seen a solution for this problem. The problem is not software or hardware related as I've tested it at the office and the 3G connection was fine.

The FAQ on poyntingdirect states: Therefor you cannot use an external antenna on this modem. Napalm Expert Member Apr 5, Joined Jun 22, Messages 2, If your just getting bad signal strength or bad signal quality at certian spots.

Vodafone Mobile Connect software version 9.3 download

U might need to move your pc around to check where u get the best signal strength and quality?? If it does indeed increase at all. Apr 5, What are my options here? Thanks for the info. I have tried the modem in various positions. I have moved the entire system to the room in my house where the signal is the strongest note: I will play around with the positioning some more this weekend. The other versions of the software I've tried does not work. I've taken the information from the forum to disable the autorun function for the modem so that I can bypass the VMC Lite software startup, to ensure only 1 version is running.

Joined Sep 9, Messages Cobusm, Go to Huawei's website and download the file "e hostbd01sp00c19 s[1]. You may have to register no pain and also find and download the "rar" extractor. This dashboard works fine, it is Voda branded and has plenty functionality. Andre1 Well-Known Member Apr 5, Joined Jan 2, Messages I would like to know.

How to Unlock Vodafone Huawei K4203 Modem For Free

If there is new software available for the E USB Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite, will it update automatically or do we have to download the update and install it manually? Joined Mar 13, Messages 5, Also, setting it to a 3G-only profile might allow you to stay connected to 3G, even if the 2G signal is stronger.