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Each level provides you with three measures of success: The game ultimately feels like a classic Nintendo title with an Angry Birds -style three-star rating system.

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The final compliment I must award Joe Danger Touch for is its impeccable controls. Whether its jumping, ducking, popping a wheelie, double-jumping or performing some crazy mid-air tricks, everything in Joe Danger Touch is done without the use of a single on-screen button. With Joe Danger Touch , they continue to succeed under that motto with flying colors.

[Update: Game Released] Joe Danger is planning to make the journey to Android devices this year

Joe Danger Touch Platform: In truth, the little fella always seemed rather dwarfed by the big screen. Like Burnout Crash! Like a TV star that never quite made it in the movies, Joe Danger is more at home on the smaller screen. He's the Nathan Fillion of games, basically.

App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch

Unlike Criterion's sparky spin-off, which subtly tweaked the console game to accommodate touch controls, Joe Danger Touch is a very different beast from the original. Sure, it's still as much Mario and Sonic as it is ExciteBike and Trials, but there's a dash of the auto-runner in there, too, the bike's momentum now under computer control. Instead, you're responsible for Joe's ducks, leaps, flips, and wheelies, all executed with simple taps and swipes. It's as intuitive a control scheme as you could wish for, though it feels a little alien at first if you're familiar with the console games.

But after a brief period of acclimatisation you're away. In fact, you won't always be focused on Joe any more.

Joe Danger coming 'real soon' to Android

You'll need to keep one eye on the road ahead and another on what's whizzing by as the helmeted hero zips down the track. A tap pops bubbles to free the coins within, while obstacles need a sharp jab to get them out of Joe's way. There are three objectives which vary from stage to stage: Finishing a stage is enough to advance to the next, but later level groups will only unlock when you've earned a certain number of medals. Not that such roadblocks delay you for long.

Indeed, there's a constant sense of progression: The difficulty curve is perfectly judged, levels steadily increasing in complexity until your fingers are a blur, tapping and swiping in a frenzy to change lanes, duck under barriers, wheelie through mud patches and somersault over shark-infested pools. There's never quite the same rhythm to mastering a stage as there is in, say, Rayman Jungle Run. Here, there's more room to express yourself - if you fancy pulling an endo as you cross the finish line, you can. But beyond that, it's the abundance of things to tap and flick that makes even the most immaculate run feel frantic rather than fluid.

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Joe Danger Touch

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The game is based on iOS hit Joe Danger Touch

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